87342one piece are 45 degrees SAE flange 3000PSI for four wire braided hydraulic hoses such as 4SH, 4SP, R12, etc. 87342one piece fittings can be crimped with hydraulic hoses directly. Complete sizes production is involved in YH Hydraulic daily. YH can ensure good quality and lower prices offered to customers.


Material:Carbon Steel, Stainless steel/Carbon steel/Brass
Τεχνική: Πλαστά
Τύπος: Φλάντζα
Τόπος καταγωγής: Κίνα (ηπειρωτική χώρα)
Εμπορικό σήμα: YH
Σύνδεση: Φλάντζα
Σχήμα: Ίση
Κεφάλαιο: Εξάγωνο
Product name:CAT Hyrdraulic Flange Fitting
Usage:Hydraulic system
Keyword:Hydraulic fitting
Main marker:America/Japan/Europe

Πίνακας τεχνικών δεδομένων



法兰 尺寸


公 称 内径 DN标 号 DASHντορεμεγάλοH
87342-08-08one piece1/2"120830.223.9723
87342-12-12one piece3/4"201238.131.7729
87342-16-16one piece1"251644.4388.230
87342-20-20one piece1.1/4"322050.843.28.234
87342-24-24one piece1.1/2"402460.350.38.242
87342-32-32one piece2"503271.462.29.849

περιγραφή προϊόντος

1.the salt spray test time can reach 140h
2.Plating in Trivalent Chromium Electrolytes Plating in Trivalent Chromium Electrolytes and environment friendly
3.bring in Janpan Friction welding machinery ensure high quality,clean,efficent,environment protection
4.easy to highten and lenghten,precision cold-drawn tube :clean and doesn't make oil's temperture high up
5.hose fitting's fatigue life can reach 1200 thousand time
6.Anaerobic annealing,not rust,not easy to fracture)
7.can make Net pressure test
8.High precision,all edges without Burr,brake sharp edges
9.We accept OEM or ODM


Inner packaging
For brass fitting ,we used nylon bags do inner packaging , Nylon bag can reduce oxidation occurred , To prevent rust And keep the brass luster.
Retail packaging
We put 50 or 100 pcs of brass ball valve in one carton box . Ensure that a sufficient quantity ,and protect goods in transfer.
Transfer packaging
For export we put goods in Moisture-proof packaging ,and put wooden box out side . Ensure that the product in transit in good condition.
custom packaging
We can According to your requirements for product packaging ,we can print your logo on carton or goods. to help your Smooth business.


Sample shipping
For sample order we usually transfer by express,like FedEX UPS TNT and China EMS . usually you can get samples in one week . and if you need ,we can provide 1-3 pcs sampes by free.
Final order shipping
For final order . we can do air transfer and sea shipping . our factory are close to airport and seaport . usually transfer 1-5 ton goods to port cost 200 $ .